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What is Home Theater?

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What is Home Theater?

Home theater is the term used to describe the recent evolution of audio and video systems that offer exceptional quality and superior performance – in essence, it is like having a movie theater in your own living room. The recreation obtained by the combination of audio and visual components creates the experience of a professional movie theater. The set-up may be as simple as a DVD player fed through a stereo system and a larger television set, or as elaborate as an entire room professionally wired with multiple speakers and a projection screen. A home theater system may even include theater-style chairs and an elevated floor for optimal viewing. The knowledge of how a professional movie theater is designed is helpful to learn more about the working of a Home theater system. Amplifier units are located to the left, right and center of an expansive movie screen, there are also several satellite speakers embedded through the auditorium, including the back. Movie sound editors separate the audio track into as many as six different channels — the audience may hear dialogue in the front left, center and right channels for instance. Other sounds may start from a rear channel and move towards the front. This creates a very realistic audio environment. Professional movie theaters also project a high-definition film onto an oversized screen which is wider than it is tall. This allows for a more natural visual experience than a typical square television screen provides. The increased definition of a 35mm or 70mm film also gives the movie added realism. All of these aspects of movie-going are recreated in a good home theater system. The DVD player in a home theater system can separate the audio track into two, three or even five channels. Everyone has different needs and desires about what their media center should be, and may be constrained by different environmental or budgetary limitations.? Careful navigation through a detailed methodology ensures that the right choices about design, equipment selection, features, and style are made up front. A few of the questions listed below would be advisable to ponder before setting up a Home theater. ‘ Where is theater going to be located?<br> ‘ How large is the area?<br> ‘ How many people would normally be using the room at a time??? <br> ‘ How much ambient noise is there?<br> ‘ How much ambient light is there?<br> ‘ What will the room? be used for primarily?<br> ‘ What will the secondary uses be?<br> ‘ What kind of budget do you have?<br> Since new movies are always being released, the thrill of your theater is renewed each time you sit down in the comfort of your own home with your loved ones. Why not make the most of it? What is Home Theater?

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