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Top Futon Buying Tips

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Top Futon Buying Tips

Futons are a type of flexible furniture that are made from foam mattresses and foldable cotton. These originally came from Asia and there various styles have been derived from the first design based on how it will be used either as a bed, a couch or a combination of both. 1. Three Elements Of A Futon: – Frame This is the futon’s foundation wherein it should be easy to use, strong and durable. It should be able to withstand stress that comes during conversion from couch to bed and back. – Mattress This is the furniture’s cushion. When buying this material, consider how comfortable it is for sitting and sleeping. – Pillows And Covers These do not only make the futon attractive but it should be able to protect the mattress, too, from spills and dirt. 2. Frame Types: – Bifold Frame This frame allows the mattress to fold in half along its length. Choose this frame when you want a couch that can be regularly converted into a bed. Sizes for this type of frame include chair size, queen size and full size. – Loveseat Frame The mattress for this kind of frame come in two parts. These are the couch and an ottoman. Because of the small footprint, these are recommendable for small spaces and are usually available in twin and full sizes. – Trifold Frame This type of frame allows the mattress to be folded three times and is available in full, queen and twin sizes. 3. Determine What Size You Need – King size: 76 inches x 80 inches – California king size: 72 inches x 84 inches – Queen size: 60 inches x 80 inches – Full/Double size: 54 inches x 75 inches – Twin/Single: 39 inches x 75 inches. 4. Ensure The Warranty Lasts At Least 5 Years This tip is extremely useful when you’re planning to buy a futon that will serve the dual purpose for sitting and sleeping. 5. Get A 6 Inch Or Thicker Futon This will make sure that you will be comfortable using the furniture especially when sleeping and it also assures you that it does not become lumpy on a shorter period of time. 6. Essential Futon Tips – Get a futon mattress made of cotton and wool if you want a mattress that is very soft. The disadvantage however of mattresses that were made from this is that, they are not very flexible. – If you want the traditional mattress feel for your futon, consider getting a mattress that has an innerspring such that a unit of spring is located between the layers of the mattress’s cotton and foam. – Futon mattresses that have innersprings are flexible but are however, heavier than those that are made from pure cotton and those that have combinations. – If you do not plan to move or roll the futon oftentimes, buy a futon mattress made of pure cotton or those that have a combination of foam, cotton and springs. These materials provide a heavy and durable mattress. – If you want to purchase a mattress that weighs less but can hold its shape and does not sag, get something made of foam and cotton. – For a lighter mattress than this one, a blend of polyester and cotton as material for the mattress will do the trick. Such mattresses can also hold their shapes and are soft and flexible. These are considered the best mattresses for everyday use. – If you want to have more seating room using your futon, choose those that are designed as bifold. – When purchasing wooden frames for your futon, try to consider those that are made from southern yellow pine than other types of wood and pine. – Southern yellow pine are more durable and very heavy which makes them ideal to use for futons compared to other materials that are brittle and are not capable to withstand the stress that the furniture endures. – When testing the support and the comfort of the futon at the shop, try to lie down on it and distribute your weight evenly on the mattress. Check that the futon is not lumpy. Top Futon Buying Tips

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