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Dog Treats: Should You Use Them In Dog Training?

There’s always been some controversy over whether you should give treats (i.e. dog biscuits or MilkBones) when you are training a dog. There are advantages and disadvantages to giving treats to a dog when you are training him. This article will hopefully clear up any confusion you might have. Now, some people say, “Of course! Give the dog treats so he’ll obey you. After all, you won’t get his attention if you don’t give him anything he enjoys.” On the other ha […]

Horses – Citation

In this article we’re going to briefly go over the career of one of the most famous horses in racing history, Citation.? If you look past the losses that Citation sustained at the end of his career, this has to have been one of the greatest horses in racing history if you simply look at his accomplishments.? Citation was a horse that was not only blessed with blinding speed but with great staying power.? The horse just never tired.? Add to that a killer instinct that literally willed him p […]

Caring for Dogs with Hypoallergenic Conditions

Some dog breeds are more susceptible to allergies than others. This may be because of small nasal passages, allergic reactions to flea bites, irritable stomachs that make digesting food difficult, or they may be allergic to their own hair and dander. Dogs that have allergies include the following breeds: Bishon frise, terrier, retrievers, beagles, setters, and boxers. All dogs have the potential to be allergic to something, however. The most common signs of allergies include raw skin where the d […]

Horses – Sir Barton

There have been many great triple crown winners in horse racing history.? But none faded farther into obscurity than the triple crown winner Sir Barton.? He wasn’t the last but he was the first.? This was an amazing achievement for this horse when you consider the following facts.? As a two year old he lost his first six races.? This horse couldn’t get out of his own way and nobody gave him a chance to win much of anything, let alone the triple crown.? As a three year old, the only r […]

Horses – Sir Barton

There have been many great triple crown winners in horse racing history.? But none faded farther into obscurity than the triple crown winner Sir Barton.? He wasn’t the last but he was the first.? This was an amazing achievement for this horse when you consider the following facts.? As a two year old he lost his first six races.? This horse couldn’t get out of his own way and nobody gave him a chance to win much of anything, let alone the triple crown.? As a three year old, the only r […]

Aeration: – essential factor to aquarium fish.

As we all know rivers and lakes are the natural habits for fish and other marines. Rivers and lakes have large surface area which makes maximum provision of oxygen for fish survival possible. On the other hand aquarium is not like river or lake, it has a smaller surface area and there is limited movement of habitats. This makes provision of alternative means of oxygen for fish to breathe important. This artificial process of providing oxygen is called aeration. It’s a simple process of re- […]

Dog Training Schools – Foolproof Choices

Okay the time has come.? The puppy you have cherished for the past few months is ready to go to school.? Where do you send him/her?? Which establishment can be trusted?? You want a school sensitive to your puppy’s needs as he/she begins the long and arduous task of learning to interpret you English commands and hand signals.? However you also want a school that will respect your needs as the owner.? Does such a place exist?? What dog training school is right for you? How do you make the de […]

Useful Steps On Deceiving Your Pets To Take Pet Meds

All pets depend on their owners with everything they need. Their owners usually give even the basic things to them. These include foods, shelter and pet medications. Pet owners who greatly know about pet meds are likely to distinguish the symptoms when something is not right with their pet. In addition, they typically know the best thing to do when such thing arises. Having at least a little knowledge about pet meds can already give calmness to you and your four-legged best friend. Your choice v […]

Know Your Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a medium to large 55 to 65 pound dog that grows to between 24 and 29″ in height. The Afghan Hound has long, silky hair and appears to be both elegant, reserved and agile. But, don’t let the looks fool you.? They can run, frolic and play with the best of the dogs. Afghan Hounds comes in a variety of colors including Black, red, cream, fawn and brindle.? Fawn, cream and brindle Afghans typically have a black mask on face or on fringe of ears.? White markings are dis […]

Anxiety In Dogs

A world without dogs would be crazy. It would be lonely for most of us if we lost our favorite canine companions.? Fortunately, almost every household in the US had had at least one dog. Dogs are animals that need special care and extra attention from us humans. Compared to cats, dogs are more active and showy to their companions. Cats just lie and sleep most of the day. It only moves toward you to get is dose of petting or to ask for food.? Most of the time, cats would rather sleep or groom the […]

What Is A Shih Tzu Standard?

The Shih Tzu is a toy dog of small stature and enormous heart. This lovable little dog is often a spoilt member of the family; if you own a Shih Tzu you will understand the love their owners feel for their! If you want to show off your beautiful, purebred Shih Tzu at competitions on any level then you will need to familiarize yourself with the standards and requirements. The American Kennel Club has clearly defined guidelines when it comes to what kinds of physical attributes your Shih Tzu will […]

Before You Decide To Breed Pit Bull Puppies: Dog Breeding Advice

If you are contemplating breeding Pit Bull puppies, it is important that you take the steps necessary to become a responsible breeder. There is more to being a breeder than just creating puppies. It is important to be a breeder that really cares for the dogs, not just one that is doing it only for monetary purposes. You should always have the best interest of your Pit Bulls at heart. Before considering breeding any dog, it is imperative that it be up to date on all vaccinations, and should have […]

Pet Grooming Made Easy

One of the most asked questions that I get before someone buys a puppy is does the breed require much grooming. Some potential owners don’t mind and the others do. This article is for the latter and how you can make pet grooming easier. In order to groom your dog you have to get you dog use to water. There are several steps that you need to take in order to accomplish the task. Dogs do not like to take baths. Lets face it you are going to groom your pet properly you are going to have to gi […]

Having Fun With Online Pets

The popular phrase ‘it takes all kinds’ is usually applied when a person is distinctly odd, a bit strange or just downright wierd but can easily be applied to other aspects of life, such as pets. Pets are generally concieved to be adorable, loveable creatures that offer warmth, companionship and unconditional love. They are generally concieved to be living creatures. But in recent years all that seems to have changed. Pets can now be intangible. You no longer need to buy one of those […]

Clicks Instead Of ‘Good Boy’ For Dog Training

The first major improvement in dog training since choke chains and spiked collars, click and treat has quickly establishing itself in becoming a big hit in the world of dog training. Currently, there are over 10,000 trainers who are using this training method everyday. One advantage to using this form of training at home is it’s easy to learn for both the dog and his trainer! Originally used to train marine mammals, click and treat breaks down the process into two separate steps, informati […]

Choosing the right vet to care for your pets

Veterinarians strive not only to offer a sound service but also to provide an optimal veterinary care. In this way, the owner of the pet is allowed to spare the enjoyment of their companion for a maximum number of years. These veterinarians provide treatment for injured and all ill wildlife animals. These veterinarians even have a strong interest and years of experience in avian and exotic animals; pocket pets, birds and even on lizards. Even try to provide alternative medicines to the animals a […]

Choosing the Right Pet Insurance Policies

Since pets are very vulnerable to diseases of several kinds, the expenses for treatment have been on a steady increase all the time. When the pets are insured properly, the expenses related to the medicine can be met easily without any problems with the costs. Pet insurance is available from various sources with lot of coverage plans and options. Pet insurance is available for injury treatments or sickness, while some plans that come under the category of deluxe plans are devised in such a way t […]

Raising A Puppy

Raising a puppy can be a very rewarding experience but it can also be a lot of hard work. This is something that a lot of people don’t take into consideration when getting a new dog. Puppies much like human infants, need almost constant care and attention especially in the earlier stages. Puppies love to use their mouths to explore objects around them. Smelling and tasting are the primary ways a puppy will learn about new things. If that ‘new thing’ is an electric cable or some […]

How to Buy a Horse Trailer

Whether you own one horse or several, a horse trailer will provide a convenient way to travel with your horses to shows, rodeos, camping sites, horse trails, or wherever you need to take your horses. Horse trailers are also useful in case of an emergency if you have to evacuate your horses or get them to a veterinarian in a hurry. But buying a horse trailer can be a little confusing because there are so many different types and styles available. Here are some things to look for when shopping for […]

Is Dental Care Important For Your Dog?

If only we could get our pets to brush their teeth regularly! Well you know that can’t happen . . . but we can help our dogs take care of their teeth and gums. They don’t, of course, realize how important dental care is to their health (and maybe you didn’t realize it either). Following are some facts about dental problems that may either be causing your dog discomfort right now or might soon affect your dog’s health; we’ll also give you some tips on treating those […]

Dog Care: 6 Easy Steps for a Terrific (and safe) Romp in the Woods

Leaves are falling and paws are crunching in the parks…. What a beautiful time of the year to get out with your canine companion and enjoy the crisp, cool air, frolic in the falling leaves and take in the visual splendor of nature.? A walk in the woods can be an exhilarating experience for you and your dog, especially if you’ll take a moment for some basic dog care preparations. Minimize surprises and emergencies by following these simple steps. I don’t know about you, but I wi […]

How to clean vomit

To make your life easier,here are some tips on how to clean vomit, remove the stains and get rid oflingering odors caused by the unavoidable accident of an animal or child.Note: Old stains and stains that have been set by heat are in the “difficult-if-not-impossible” category. That’s why it is so important to act quickly after the accident occurs. Being a parent or a dog or cat owner means you are going to have to clean up vomit from your floor at some point, probably more than […]

Reef Tank Lighting

Reef Tank lighting is one of the most important aspects of reef keeping and undoubtedly the most discussed debated and disagreed about too! Proper lighting intensity is essential for the corals to carry out the process of photosynthesis, the process through which they create energy needed to survive and grow. Whatever the approach or equipment be, the ultimate goal of al lighting methods is to provide photoperiod, intensity and proper spectrum for your reef inhabitants to flourish and thrive eas […]

Protect your pets from the pound

Pets are people, too. At least, that’s the way they should be treated by their owners. The sad reality, though, is that a lot people own pets when they’re really not ready to care properly for their little furry friends. Or they just don’t know how to love, clean, and treat a cat, dog, or other animal the right and humane way. What happens to these poor animals? Many end up in shelters, lost and unwanted’to the tune of 6 to 8 million every year according to the Humane Soc […]

Training An Agressive Dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend. That has always been the belief ever since. Why not? Because of their care, loyalty and sweetness to their owners, people will have a hard time not loving them. Unfortunately for some dog owners and some people, the dog becomes their worst enemy. Just imagine the life of the mail man. The mail man has been always portrayed in movies or cartoons as a biting post of dogs. This is not a stupid joke. I have a n uncle who worked as a mail man and got bitten by a do […]

Your Pets and Arthritis

Arthritis is the term used in both human and veterinary medicine to describe any type of joint inflammation.? Several types exist, including rheumatoid, degenerative, and infectious arthritis, each having a different cause.? Infections, autoimmune diseases, trauma, and certain drugs, such as sulfa antibiotics, can promote joint inflammation. The clinical signs associated with joint disease are basically the same.? Stiffness or lameness involving one or more limbs is often the most obvious sign o […]

The Intelligent Way To Eliminate Your Puppy Biting Behaviors

Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting time.? Introducing the new puppy to the family should be fun for both yourself and your puppy.? One of the first challenges, however, to the excitement of the new puppy, is curbing inappropriate puppy behaviors. Preventing biting and mouthing Biting and mouthing is a common activity for many young puppies and dogs.? Puppies naturally bite and mouth each other when playing with siblings, and they extend this behavior to their human companions.? Whil […]

The Do’s And The Don’ts Of House Training Your Puppy

House training a puppy is very important for the well being of both the puppy and the owner. The number one reason that dogs are surrender to animal shelters is problems with inappropriate elimination, so it is easy to see why proper house training is such an important consideration. It is important to establish proper toilet habits when the puppy is young, since these habits can last a lifetime, and be very hard to break once they are established.? It is very important for the owner to house br […]

Feeding And Keeping Your Dog Healthy

A healthy puppy should be clear-eyed, somewhat roly-poly, loose-skinned, free from any skin trouble, hungry for its meals, and lively. It should not be timid or shy. If the puppy seems warm or sleepy most of the time, ask one of your parents to take its temperature. A dog’s temperature normally is between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius. If its temperature rises above 39 degrees, call your veterinarian. When you buy your puppy, ask what shots it has received and when it got them. If it has not r […]

Horses – Whirlaway

Before the great horse Citation, who was trained by Ben Jones and ridden by jockey Eddie Arcaro to victory for the 1948 triple crown, there was another horse that they had the distinction of also taking to triple crown glory, one of the most wild horses in all of racing history.? His name, Whirlaway.? There is no question about it, Whirlaway was a psychopath as far as horses went.? He was quite prone to some wild adventurous trips around a race track.? He was actually considered a mentally ill h […]

Looking After Your Dog, Part Eight – Dog Gifts

If you absolutely adore your dog then purchasing a dog gift can be an exhilarating experience for you. No matter what your budget constraints there are an awful lot of dog gifts to choose from. In fact, the sheer variety of gift ideas can often be inundating. Since there is no dearth of dog gifts, you must narrow down to that perfect dog gift, which also meets your budget. Dog owners, when buying a dog gift, think in terms of buying something (may be a stuffed toy) for a human baby. However, the […]

The German Shepherd Dog

Dogs called German Shepherds were first exhibited at shows in Germany towards the end of the nineteenth century but they were hardly Shepherds as we know them today being rough coated, short tailed and rather resembling mongrels. The German Shepherd Dog as we now know it didn’t really appear until after the Second World War. The breed has grown enormously in popularity and is now one of the most popular pedigree breeds in the UK as a pet, it is still the favourite working breed for many fo […]

Aquarium Ornament

Aquarium ornaments aren’t there to add any benefits to the fish, they are just for you to add some decoration in the tank. You can have all sorts of ornaments, big or small, traditional or caricature, simple or even complicated. There are thousands of different ornaments that you can buy in stores or you can even make your own. However ornaments are not for all fish, some fish don’t like them, I know for a fact Oscars don’t take well to any type of ornament or even plant. Some […]

Dog Lover Gift

There are a lot of dog lovers out there in the world who really love their dogs as members of their families ‘ some as much as their kids. I have known many people who celebrate their dog’s birthdays with as great joy and fanfare as others do their children’s. There is nothing wrong in that. It is actually heart touching to see such love and bond between man and animal. But there is one big problem in these types of situations. What do you get as a dog lover gift? What would gi […]

Tips In Choosing The Best Dog Breeders

Dog breeders could be found anywhere. However, buying the best-looking puppy in the pet store does not necessarily guarantee that you bought a pet with a top breed. What are the different types of breeders? Which of them provide the best dog breeds? 1) Look for reputable breeders. Well known breeders know specific details about their specialized breed. They examine genetic diseases that are known to have physical and emotional impact on that breed, perform veterinary maintenance and sustain bree […]

Dog Aggressive Training: Understand & Eliminate Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

Aggression behavior in a dog is a normal form of canine communication similar to human frustration or anger. Like human, aggressive behavior occurs in every dog. The different lie in the level of aggression shown in them, and this is where dog breeds come into the picture. While some breeds are born with a greater tendency to become aggressive, problems usually occur in homes that knowing or unknowingly encourage the development of a dog’s aggressive behavior. It’s important to know […]

Designer Breeds: Will You Remember Me?

Designer dogs have been around for many decades already. A once underground movement towards better breeds is becoming big business for those willing to experiment with the creation of designer mix breed dogs. The designer dog club is spear headed by increasing numbers of celebrities and famous people are bringing their dogs into the limelight. And the picture is becoming increasingly bizarre. You have most likely heard about the Labradoodle, Puggle or the Maltipoo. The variations that breeders […]

Smelly Dogs May Need Ablutions

Every week there is one date I faithfully keep: ‘ablutions’ time with my dogs. I don’t know why we started calling it that ‘ probably when I was completely and totally addicted to Regency Romance novels. According to Webster’s Dictionary, ‘ablutions’ is ‘a washing of the body, especially as a religious ceremony.’ We don’t actually do a full-body dog wash every week ‘ I’m told that less frequent bathing is better for a dog […]

Tips on Cleaning Up After Pets

Between muddy paws, fur on upholstered furniture, odors and occasional accidents, we can spend quite a bit of time cleaning up after our furry friends. The experts at Merry Maids offer pet owners the following tips for keeping a clean home and tackling the most common problems. * Minimizing the mess: Cleaner pets mean a cleaner house. Bathe and brush your pets regularly to minimize the amount of pet hair and dander and to help eliminate odors. Keep a lint brush or damp sponge handy to quickly pi […]

Go For A Bird Instead

Many families entertain the idea of getting a pet at one time or another. Sometimes it is the children that insist that their lives will not be complete without a friendly pet to have fun with. Other times it is the parents who suggest that adding a family pet would bring focus and responsibility to their children. Regardless of who wants the pet most, it is true that adding a pet to many families is a source of fun, learning and family bonding. Most families immediately think that they can choo […]

Keeping Your Furry Family Member Healthy Throughout The Year

Pet owners know the bond that forms between people and their four-legged friends. That’s why many treat their pet like a member of the family-including when it comes to health care. Making sure your dog, cat, bird or exotic pet has proper medical care is a key component of responsible pet ownership and it’s important to be aware of the costs. Americans spend almost $8.6 million on veterinary services for their pets each year, according to a report by Packaged Facts. Here are some tip […]

What’s All The Buzz About Underground Dog Fences?

The new craze on the puppy circuit is underground dog fences. Simply put, underground fences are electronic containment systems designed to teach pets their boundaries while in your yard. They use a small ‘shock’ which is transmitted through an electronic collar. These hidden fences can actually contain your dog within the barrier without forking out the expenses of putting up a fence. While most dogs don’t like being kenneled up for long periods of time while you are working o […]

Bichon Keeps Scratching Neck… Is It Physical Or Behavioral?

Dear Adam: I have appreciated your advice in both your book and your tapes. My male Bichon is a very good dog, gentle yet playful, minds well, and treats me as the pack leader. He comes when I call, goes in his crate at night with only one “kennel up” command and is a general all around good dog. ADVERTISEMENT: Read about my dog training videos… they’ve helped a lot of people transform their pet into the dog they’ve always dreamed about owning! Click here to read mo […]

Coping with the loss of a pet.

I run an online pet memorial web site and as you can imagine I come into contact with many people who have lost a much loved pet or animal companion. Looking through the memorial web sites that pet owners create when a beloved pet passes away has shown my that there are a number of ways that people come to cope with the loss of a pet. Some people seem to be unsure or even embarrassed about the depth of grief and loss that they feel when a close pet dies. In the back of their minds they may think […]

Pet Insurance

I don’t have to tell you that the cost of health care is skyrocketing. If you have been to the vet lately, you know that health care for pets is also getting more and more expensive. Various and better treatment options are also available these days, and our pets are living longer because of them. Pet health insurance has been available for a number of years, but is just now beginning to be more common. Pet insurance is more like major medical policies than the comprehensive policies most […]

1,000 Safe, Natural, And Effective Veterinary Secrets To Healing Your Pet

Most people do not know how to treat their pets when their pets needs them most. Surprisingly, alot of people do not even have the education or knowledge on how to care for their pets. The pet’s life might be endangered if the owner do not has the knowledge. For example: If pets suffers from the aches and pains of old age and arthritis or it swallows household poison like chocolate, do the owners know how to deal with it? Most of the time the answer is “NO” as they are cluless […]

The Gundog – A Hunter’s Best Friend

When it comes to the sport of hunting – the gundog is definitely a hunter’s best friend.? Gundogs have been used to assist man since the days when survival crucially depended on hunting skills, not only for food to eat, but for clothing and shelter provided by the hides of the hunted animals and to this day bird dogs still play an important role in hunting for sport. Originally bred with the intention of assisting game bird hunting, the characteristics of gundogs have, over the years […]

Dealing with loose aggressive dogs on walks

This can be quite a problem for some dog owners, what do you do if a loose dog comes over to you and your dog, the situation can be quite intimidating especially if you have a small dog and the one coming toward you is much larger or aggressive. The reason I have written this article is because I was on a dog forum recently and read a hart wrenching post from a lady who held her dying dog in her arms after it was attacked in front of her by a loose dog that snapped it’s neck. I do not alwa […]

All about Care for an Acrylic Aquarium Kit

The practice of keeping aquariums came about in the late 1800’s. They were fairly crude. Usually these ancient aquariums only had one side that was made of glass, with the other three sides being made of metal or wood. Most aquariums consisted of fish that were native to the region of its owner simply because of availability. Also most old school fish tanks contained only fresh water fish. The reason being that salt water would corrode the metal frame that held the aquarium together. Aquar […]

Key Points Checklist Before You Buy Your First Dog

Hold on… Are You buying Your first Pet Dog? Do you understand the responsiblities You have assume the moment you plan to buy a pup/dog. A dog can be a great addition to your family as long as you are all in it together. A dog needs lots of attention and training in order to be a joy instead of a pain. Also think of the type of dog you wish to get. It is important before making any more progress with your plans to be sure that everyone in family and even those people who work in house reall […]

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