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Ke koho nei nā mea he nui Pit Bull e hānai i kā lākou mau holoholona i ka papaʻai meaʻai maka ma mua o ka hoʻohana ʻana i nā mea hana i hana ʻia e ka lehulehu. ʻAʻole lohe nā poʻe ʻē aʻe i ka papaʻai maka, ʻo ia hoʻi ka iwi a me ka papaʻai meaʻai maka, akā keʻimi nei i ka ʻike hou aku e pili ana i ka mea hiki ke hāʻawi i kēia ʻano papaʻai i kā lākou holoholona. ʻO kaʻai maka e hoʻopili i ka hānai ʻana i kāu Pit Bull a i ʻole nā ​​holoholona ʻē aʻe i kaʻiʻo maka a me nā iwi momona. Hoʻokomo pū ʻia ka papaʻai meaʻai maka i kekahi mau mea ʻai pū kekahi. Leafy greens mixed in with the raw meat helps give your Pit Bull a nutritional meal. As an added bonus, finely chopped garlic can be added as a natural way to give added protection against fleas. In the wild dogs are omnivores, which means they eat both meat and plant material. If you choose to try the raw diet, you’ll need to be sure and balance his diet by adding some vegetable material into each meal. Some owners who are fans of the raw diet like to add additional proteins like cottage cheese or eggs into the meat and veggie mixture. It has been reported that dogs on the raw diet tend to lead healthier lives. Proponents of the raw diet say that canine allergies as well as dysplasia and a wide range of other canine ailments are mainly due to the commercial dog foods with their non-meat proteins and additives. The commercial market has also been accused of using the grain content in their feed simply because they are cheap fillers, and aren’t there for the true benefit of the pet. Those who choose the raw diet also say that they feel they are giving their dog the diet that nature intended, and that commercial dog food kills any real benefits of the proteins in the cooking process. This in turn, they say, can cause problems to the animal’s immune system and cause other health related problems. Raw diet advocates also state that the commercial dog food makers put special additives into the food which makes the food more appealing to the dogs so they get addicted to the commercial foods. Of course the commercial feed makers state that there’s no difference in cooking a dog’s food as there is to cooking a human’s food, and that the nutritional value is still there. Commercial feed makers claim that dogs have very sensitive digestive systems and that the raw food diet can cause vomiting and diarrhea. ? As a responsible pet owner, it’s up to you to decide on how your Pit Bull gets his nutritional needs met. If you have concerns about your Pit Bull’s nutrition, or before you change your Pit Bull’s diet, talk to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can give you more information on the raw diet, as well as recommend any changes which may need to be made. Is A Raw Food Diet Right For Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog?

ʻAʻohe kiʻi
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