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Choosing Bird Cages

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Choosing Bird Cages

With so many bird species, as well as the various sizes and types of bird cages on the market today, choosing the correct one for your pet bird can be quite hard. If you consider all general factors of bird cages, you can easily choose one that is safe, comfortable, and very convenient regardless of the type of pet bird you have. A very important factor when choosing bird cages is the size of the cage. You should make sure to get a cage that is the largest you can find of the type of bird you have. It is always best to not try to stick to the minimum size recommended, instead opting for a larger size to ensure that your bird has the most space possible. Next to consider when choosing bird cages are the various shapes available. Cylindrical shaped bird cages should be avoided since they are often too small. In fact, many bird can feel quite insecure in that type of cage. When it comes to small birds, length is definitely more important than height. Birds often fly within their cages for exercise and their flight pattern tends to be side to side rather than up and down. For birds such as large parrots, taller cages are ok because the extra height enables the bird to exercise by being able to climb, but they should also be wide enough for the bird to stretch and also play. Bird cages often have different types of bar/wire spacing. This spacing should be adequate because it is a very important aspect of a bird cage. If the spacing is incorrect, it could cause the bird to get its wings, head, feet, or even beak caught. This could be fatal to your pet bird. Parrots need a cage that have horizontal bars so the bird can climb on the cage’s side. But for those birds who do not use their beaks when climbing, such as finches, doves, and/or canaries, it doesn’t matter what the bar orientation is. Of course, you definitely want to make sure you buy a quality cage for your pet bird. Those that are well-made using high quality materials can be quite expensive. But they are well worth the expense since they are not only safer, but last much longer than those that cost less. You want to make sure to choose bird cages made from safer, non-toxic materials such as stainless steel and/or powder-coated wrought iron. These are definitely more durable and look much better than their cheaper counterparts. Bar spacing isn’t the only aspect to consider when choosing safe bird cages. Your pet’s wings, head, beak, and/or feet can also get caught in other features of a cage. Any intricate designs or fancy scroll work should be avoided, as well as doors, latches, or any other parts of the cage that can potentially trap your pet bird. Also, high levels of lead and zinc can be a problem and are usually found in older, painted cages. Avoid cages made with galvanized wire that contains zinc, as well as those with zinc components like hinges and latches. Any cage with a sharp edge is definitely a hazard. Last, but not least, the cage you choose should be easy to maintain. Pull out trays will help to make cleaning the cage’s bottom very easy and wider doors help to make access for cleaning easier. Make sure you can also easily remove/replace the bird’s food and water dishes without having to open the main doors. Be aware that cages made of stainless steel and wrought iron are generally easier to maintain. Choosing Bird Cages

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