Vacuums Does More Power Mean a Better Clean?

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There are many factors to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, and with each manufacturer stressing the importance of the characteristics of their brand of machine, knowing what to look for can become completely overwhelming. In this haze of confusion, some manufacturers will try to emphasize traits that are, in fact, a standard part of most machines, so how do you know which information is the really valuable stuff? Some manufacturers will stress the importance of the power of their machine, and to the majority of us who are not technologically inclined this seems to make sense. Our vacuum cleaner is twelve amps strong, they boast, and we can’t help but be impressed ‘ until we realize that this is the standard electrical input for most vacuum cleaners. While these twelve amps worth of power is fairly standard, what differentiates machines is how these twelve amps are utilized in the machine itself, and where vacuum effectiveness really lies is in several other factors. One of these is the design of the filter included in the vacuum. While any cleaner is useless without power to operate it, it is the filtration system that is really responsible for the way that dirt is handled. A poor filtration system will vent some of the dust and dirt removed from your surfaces back into the air again, allowing them to settle on your floor once again, undoing much of the value of vacuuming in the first place. Another factor to evaluate in any vacuum cleaner is the power of the suction equipment. Vacuuming is once again rendered fairly pointless if your twelve amps of power are not coupled with powerful suction. Closely linked to this is whether your cleaner allows you to adjust the height of the suction device to maximize its power when switching from one type of floor covering to the next. This is an important factor to look for if you have both carpets and wood or tile flooring in your home. Finally, a vacuum cleaner is of little value if you do not look after it correctly. Twelve amps of electricity will be wasted upon a vacuum that is clogged or full, so be sure to empty your bag or dirt cup regularly and check that all parts of your cleaner are free from debris. It is the manufacturers responsibility to provide you with a high quality cleaner, but remember that some of the performance of your machine depends on you. Vacuums Does More Power Mean a Better Clean?

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・ Vacuums Does More Power Mean a Better Clean?

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