Roomba Vacuum Collection: The Next Generation Of Vacuum Cleaner

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iRobot Corporation is the brain behind the Roomba Vacuum Cleaners. Robotics enthusiasts from MIT founded the company in the early 90’s. The company first introduced Roomba in 2002 as an intelligent fully automatic robotic vacuum cleaner. The first generation of Roomba is called the Intelligent Floorvac. The introduction took the nation by storm as expected by IRobot Corporation. It was deemed to be the very first successful commercial domestic robot to hit the U.S market. The basic features of the Roomba are launched and the era of automated cleaning begins. This first generation also included the Roomba Pro and the Roomba Pro Elite. Then, the Roomba gets better with a second generation of domestic robots. The Roomba Red is metallic red giving you of an automobile-like finish. The notable difference is the Intelligent Cleaning feature. The Roomba Vacuum is now able to automatically estimate the time needed for the device to clean the entire floor it will cover. In contrast to the previous generation that has a three-button room size selector. Also included in the second generation of Roomba Vacuums are the Discovery, Discovery SE and Roomba Scheduler. Now with the Discovery Series, Roomba Vacuums have docking stations. The IRobot Roomba can be kept on the docking station to have it charged while not in use. The Roomba can also automatically returns to it’s docking station to recharge itself. The Roomba 2.1 is generally an update to the Roomba Discovery Series. Major differences are seen in this model. And it actually became the platform for the latest model in the Roomba Vacuum family, the Roomba Scheduler. Roomba 2.1 boasts better brushes, filters, improved charge circuitry for better battery life and new Software that improves Roomba’s cleaning efficiency. Overall 20 enhancements to both hardware and software have been incorporated by IRobot Corporation in the Roomba 2.1. Roomba Vacuum Collection: The Next Generation Of Vacuum Cleaner

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・ Roomba Vacuum Collection: The Next Generation Of Vacuum Cleaner

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