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Shower Doors are a fantastic bathroom accent. Glass adds class and elegance to any bathroom, especially when it is sparkling clean. There are recommended ways to clean glass shower doors that will maintain sparkle and shine. The number one recommended product for cleaning shower doors is Comet Bathroom Cleaner. Comet has developed a spray on liquid that is non-abrasive. This is especially important for glass, винил, and metal components of a shower door. It is a spray on liquid that is easy to apply and wipe off. When using comet bathroom cleaner it is important to give the product time to work. Soap scum is a heavy buildup that comes from the talc in bar soap. Let the product set in and then scrub with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. By switching to a liquid soap, soap scum build up can be greatly reduced. Another important cleaning technique for shower doors is to squeegee after showering. It removes excess moisture from the shower and avoids water spots that can be difficult and almost impossible to remove. A plastic squeegee is best because metal could damage a shower. A shower door should be cleaned weekly to maintain optimum cleanliness and shine. Frequent cleanings and use of the squeegee will reduce the need for heavy cleaning and scrubbing. In order to keep your shower door looking as good as new, take important cleaning measures from the beginning. Only use the recommended cleaning products, and follow the instruction. A squeegee is a shower door’s best friend, and should be included in any bathroom cleaning kit. Protect a beautiful bathroom accent and keep it clean. Почистване на стъклени врати душ

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