How to get your paws on top quality bear rugs today

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I would imagine that when someone mentions a bear rug, your first thought is one of a dead animal skin lying on the floor in front of a fireplace. While that can still be true today to some extent, the fact of the matter is that there are now numerous different ways to have a very similar look, without having the actual bearskin in the house. It has become commonplace to find bear rugs that are actually made out of cotton, wool, or even synthetics. And of course, most of them are not exactly shaped like a bear either! Many of these rugs even have designs, words, or other types of prints on them that you wouldn’t exactly find on the average bear in the forest. Wool might be the most common substitute used for the real fur of a bear these days. While this of course, preserves the bear, it can present problems for the buyer if you aren’t careful. Many people are allergic to wool, so before you purchase, make that you either not allergic to wool, or that you check the material before buying. If you are allergic to wool, there are still others options out there for you like cotton. Most people can tolerate cotton bear rugs without a problem, and these of course lend themselves to all kinds of different designs, patterns and prints. Color is, of course, another advantage to buying some sort of synthetic bear rug. This allows you to properly match whatever type of decor you currently have in your home. Of course, we’re now getting completely away from what makes a bear rug so unique in the first place – the bear part! Though more difficult to come by, and often fraught with numerous difficulties, genuine bearskin rugs are still available to purchase. For some people, nothing will ever replace the comfort and warmth of the genuine articles. One last option with genuine bear rugs is coloration. While most shops sell their rugs in their natural color, some will offer to dye them a different color for you. Once again, make sure that any sort of allergic reaction is something that won’t happen before you make your buying decision. Both types of rugs can be purchased online at numerous outlets. Again, be sure to do your due diligence to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting. Though most rugs shops are highly reputable, there will always be a few out there to watch out for. As always, education is key. How to get your paws on top quality bear rugs today

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・ How to get your paws on top quality bear rugs today

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